TRAIN THE TRAINERS – Its up to me 6

Training Course in Germany!

Title: TRAIN THE TRAINERS – Its up to me 6
Venue: Kulturhaus, Bremen, Germany
Date: 4th – 12th April, 2019
We’re looking for: 5 participants

Deadline to submit your completed application is the 22nd of December, 2018.
I’m your APPLICATION form! :)
Applicants will be informed about the final decision on the 14th of January, 2019.
Please, donate 10 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.

About the project
“It’s up to me” is a holistic approach on how to create really good youth workers /trainers that are going to work on transferring know-how and organizing and delivering high quality projects within the Erasmus + program. This project is going to contribute towards raising the quality of the Erasmus + projects that are going to be organized in future, but also is going to improve the quality of youth work in general.

Some of the activities involve things that you already know which we are going to refresh and see different points of view from different trainers, we will see how to design projects and activities from A to Z, learning about tools and methods available, work on mastering your soft skills – basically all skills that you need to design and deliver educational activities, projects and exchanges. The workshops selected are based on the different competences from the Trainers competence model (European Training Strategy).

The main method used during this training will be learning by doing. The participants will be given tasks and short deadlines in order to achieve their tasks. They are going to be guided by the trainers. After the tasks they will receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Objectives of the project:
✓ Know-how – To provide the participants with information on how some things are done, why some things are done in particular way, what is behind the scenes of a good organized training/project, to peek into the decision making process, in the team management and in the preparation.

✓ Improve participants soft skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, self-expression skills listening skills, emotional intelligence and other.

✓ Provide methods and tools for delivery of workshops – such as different types of simulations, team building games, brainstorming, creating a learning environment, creative environment etc.

✓ Provide hard copy materials. We are working on creating a Trainers library with at least 350 tools for self-directed-learning that will address the all the trainers competence areas, which you can use several months after the project.

✓ Provide feedback to the participants. It is very important for you to receive feedback and do it again, so we would see the growth of the participants during the project.

✓ Show them different styles of trainers. We will have four trainers from different backgrounds and professions that have very different working styles. This will help the participants see different approaches and ways of working which would then lead them to finding their own unique style in the future.

✓ Coaching and mentoring. Apart from the mentoring and feedback during the project, for this edition we will have a 12 months mentoring process for all participants after the project until their first/next training experience.

✓ Self-assessment. Sometimes young trainers are not aware of the qualities they have and things they know. Sometimes they think that they know everything and there is nothing new to learn. We will provide a selfassessment opportunity for the participants to evaluate which things they know well, which things they still need to learn.

✓ Critical thinking – The participants will have the opportunity to analyze everything and develop critical thinking skills. After each workshop we take off the “participant hat” and put the “trainers hat” and analyze why we did this or that.

✓ To offer opportunities for quality training experiences and project development. Organizing joint projects, creating pool of trainers, getting shadow-trainer opportunities.

Location: Bremen, Germany (Osterholz- Scharmbeck)

Osterholz – Scharmbeck is a small village/suburb in the surrounding of Bremen in Germany. We are going to be accommodated in a youth center´s seminar house.
We are going to be far away from the city, shops and bars because we want the participants to be focused on the training, on the cultural activities and to create a good atmosphere among the group. There is beautiful nature, really nice forest and places to have long walks and activities outside, to go for a run or ride the bike and see the landscapes in the surrounding.

The venue is a youth centre (KulturHaus) situated in a forest where we will be alone as a group, so the participants should expect simple accommodation. There are several seminar and break out rooms available for us to work, the rooms are from 2 to 4 people in a room. There will be showers and toilets in most of the rooms (or just outside the room). We will have our own cooking team that will prepare the food and coffee breaks, take care about our health and nutritional intake so we can completely focus on the activities. Please note that we cannot provide vegan, fruitarian and HALAL food.

Financial matters:
Local board and lodging are fully covered.
Travel (flights, trains, buses, other means of transport) expenses are compensated (up to 100%), based on the actual expenses incurred and the distance from your location of residence to the location of the project (Germany). In case of Hungary the available sum is 275 Euro/participant. You will be reimbursed with 100% of your travel costs up to  275 euro*.


Deadline to submit your completed application is the 22nd of December, 2018.
I’m your APPLICATION form! :)
Keep in mind, we expect you to join our facebook-messenger-video-chat-INTERVIEW before the final decision making.
Applicants will be informed about the final decision on the 14th of January, 2019.
Please, donate 10 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.