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Title: European Youth Exchange – Intro
Venue: Lentini, Italy
Date: June 07 – 17, 2017
The perfect participant is ready to live in a very Spartan way according with the tradition of Sicilian countryside workers.
Should be aged between: from 18 to 25
We’re looking for: 4 participants + 1 leader

Please, donate 10 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.
Deadline to submit your completed application is March 6th, 2017
I’m your application form
Only selected participants will be informed on March 9th, 2017.


By December 2015, around 1 million of people was entering the EU and neighboring countries either escaping conflict or searching of safety and better life. Youth work may not be the place for high-level negotiations, ceasefires to be made or peace deals to be forged. Nevertheless, it does make a contribution to integration/inclusion more particularly through its educational effects. The project “Home” promotes and supports the role of young people in activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue through a network of specifically trained young people from Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Armenia, Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Czech Republic and Georgia who strengthen the presence and promote the values of the European citizenship in communities facing refugee crises.


The Youth Exchange will take place from the 7th of June until the 17 of the same month in the 2017, in Lentini (Italy).
The Youth exchange will be run on the relation between tradition and innovation, we will try to give to the participants some practical tools useful to understand and share this relation.
The Participants will be selected on their will to learn more about tradition and innovation, with a special focus on the street art or the reuse of used items and the traditional life style.
We expect 20 participants, 4 participants plus 1 leader from each partner organizations.
The youth exchange will be divided into 2 parts: one based on cooperative learning in the morning on the topics of interculture, innovation and tradition, and one based on peer education and cooperative learning in which we will discover the basic elements of the involved countries traditions trough practical workshops: traditional building techniques and kitchen workshops, reuse of used items and street arts. From this we start to explore environmental issues and healthy lifestyles, connected to tradition, these traditions are almost disappearing. Organic food km 0, critical consumption, natural rhythms will be conducting the issues of afternoon workshops and artistic activity / construction aimed at personal growth.
The youth exchange will be run in Lentini (Italy) in a structure that our organization use for our activities in the middle of an Organic field of orange trees, to support the focus of participant and to put them out of their comfort zone we choose to stay in a very Spartan location, with 3 big and basics bedrooms with furniture made with recycled materials, we give participants the chance to live also in tents. Most of the activities will be run outside and all the daily activities will be shared, from preparing meals to the housekeeping. During the activity program we will have only one excursion, if participants want to visit more of our beautiful island we suggest to arrive 2 days before or to leave 2 days later, in this case we cannot provide for the extra days accommodation.


¬ To share our point of view ( specially Street Art, Recycling Art, Traditional techniques ) with the others;

¬ To discover the beauty of the Mediterranean country side;
¬ To live a collective adventure during the Sicilian Summer; To enjoy of the European awareness.


¬ During the project we will use non formal education to reach our goals one of the most important tool.

¬ During the morning we will develop our cooperative skills in daily life, we will share our life style, we will discover the local traditional life style and we will support creativity and personal development.
¬ In the afternoon we will develop special skills (artistic workshops) .

¬ Most of the activities will be run outside and you will have a chance to put yourself in the implementation of them.

Health insurance is not provided by the organizers and will not be reimbursed. All participants are required to purchase health insurance individually.


1. Sleeping bag;
2. Traditional Food;
3. Comfortable clothes;
4. Swimming suits + towels
5. Medicines + Anti mosquito’s spray
One of the evenings will be dedicated to the Intercultural Evening. You will present your own cultures – national, regional, personal or any kind of culture you feel you belong. This presentations/activity should not be just a “lecture” so try to find most creative way to show your culture. It means that all options are possible. A culture may be presented by a song, a story, a poem, a dance, some local special drinks or food (you will not have opportunity to cook), etc.
You can bring pictures, music or anything which you consider to be most appropriate to present your culture. Bring CDs of traditional / typical and party music or other things typical from your country that you want to share with us during the Evening of Cultures and during other evenings.

Financial matters:
¬ Accommodation, food, local transportation during the activity days, materials for activities are totally covered by the grant of the Erasmus+ Program.

¬ Travelling from your country to the project venue will be reimbursed till a maximum of 170 euro as calculated with the distance tool. Taxi invoices are not accepted.
¬ Important: keep all the invoices and boarding passes.
Address: Via Mazzini, 17 – 96016 Lentini (SR) Italy
Phone Number: +393381827096

Travel (flights, other means of transport) expenses are compensated (up to 100%), based on the actual expenses incurred and the distance from your location of residence to the location of the project (Lentini, Italy). In the case of Hungary the available sum is €170/participant.
You will be reimbursed with 100% of your travel costs up to 170 euro. Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done upon full attendance in the training program and presentation of the original tickets with boarding passes and receipt/invoices. Remember that you can travel only with the cheapest means of transport (2nd class trains, economy class in the planes).

Please, donate 10 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.
Deadline to submit your completed application is March 6th, 2017
I’m your application form
Only selected participants will be informed on March 9th, 2017.