Idea Challenge Remastered

We are pleased to inform you that the GYEEK Club Association in cooperation with the MeOut Association carries out an event with the kind support of the Visegrad Fund under the title “Idea Challenge Remastered” as follows:

Idea Challenge Remastered
26 – 30 March (Tuesday – Saturday) in Szeged, Hungary
arrival: 26 March, departure 30 March

The event will be provided for

– students, open-minded, individuals, unemployed persons
– start-up/spin-off companies, entrepreneurs, university students
– NGO representatives who are working on the same field in all V4 countries and the selected countries in the –
– high level written and oral proficiency in English is necessary
– Age: 18 – 30

We’re looking for: 4 participants / country (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Czechia)

Deadline to submit your completed application is January 26, 2019
I’m your APPLICATION form! Don’t forget to use me :)
Only selected participants will be informed.

About the project

Our mission is to find, gather, connect and empower innovative and talented young people to become successful entrepreneurs and create great businesses. Also, to make entrepreneurship more popular among youngsters. Our goal is to organize premium quality event to generate as much value as we can for them. Empowering means that we are trying to match the projects/teams/individuals with the best programs, mentors, investors etc. and educating these people’s business, marketing, IT and other skills. We have already executed this competition with a great success. Most of the attending teams are working on their ideas to bring it in front of investors who we are connected them with. This project will make a more bigger impact by inviting people from the V4 countries and the Balkan. We are bringing talent into the country and also giving the attendees great opportunities to be successful.


The main objective of the project is to catalyze the local startup ecosystem, innovation and to promote entrepreneurship by organizing a premium quality event called Idea Challenge which is an intensive idea competition and training event where the participants are intended to find solution to a real business problem. A similar project was organized in a joint consortium of the University of Szeged and several local associations and ecosystem developers. Young entrepreneurs and startup companies play an increasingly important role in the creation of innovative products. The skills, the abilities for their physical and technical realization are present, but the opportunity to showcase their ideas, the market implementation of developments, the regional network, the capability of adjustment to circumstances and the reactions are missing as a result of the lack of necessary events and the entrepreneurial knowledge and experience. On the other hand the lack of qualified human resource is the greatest bottleneck to entrepreneurship which roots in the inefficiency of education of the universities. Universities failed to provide students and therefore the local SME’s with proper practical skills that are needed for the enterprise’s cutting edge technologies, so the target group needs immediate transfer of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills from the mentoring activity. Moreover the brain drain of qualified human resources by the developed countries and multinational firms is a serious difficulty in building an innovation ecosystem especially in the V4 and the Balkan regions.

Financial matters:
The costs of the event – including costs of full-board and accommodation during the program – will be covered by the organisers. (Participants will be accommodated in double rooms.)

The organisers will contribute to the international travels of participants to Hungary.

Deadline to submit your completed application is January 26, 2019
I’m your APPLICATION form! Don’t forget to use me :)
Only selected participants will be informed.

If you have any questions do not hesitate Bence Labossa at

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