Healthy Lifestyle In Youth Organisations

Szlovénia! Healthy Lifestyle! Január 2018!

Venue: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: October 5 – 11, 2018

The perfect participant is preferably an active member of a youth organization, interested in Youth Work and Youth field! The participant should be able to work and discuss in English and attend the exchange for its full duration! ( It is not important if you already have previous experiences on the project management field – we are searching for participants with different knowledge.)
Should be aged between: from 18 to 30
We’re looking for: 3 participants

Deadline to submit your completed application is December 8th, 2017
I’m your application form :)
Only selected participants will be informed until December 9th, 2017

Project description:
One of the most important stakeholders in the young person’s surroundings are youth organizations, and with this project we want to draw attention especially to the role of youth organizations in creating a healthy lifestyle of young people, linked to all areas of health, in particular through promoting the integration of healthy lifestyle activities in their own organization.
The main activity of the project will be a seminar on the topic of healthy lifestyles in youth organizations for youth workers and youth leaders from different countries across Europe. At the seminar, participants will learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Over the practical case they will learn how to implement this way of living in the activities of their organizations and they will also create gadgets to help in the implementation of the guidelines that will be developed during the seminar.
Through methods such as lectures, group work, design tools for the implementation of the project, discussions, etc., we will raise participants’ awareness of the importance of emphasizing healthy lifestyles within youth organizations and institutions that can contribute to building habits of young people, all based on non-formal education.
The expected impact is especially greater knowledge about health in general and about what can youth organization as such do to improve healthy lifestyle among young people and especially among its members. In addition, the expected impact on the participants as members of their organizations is also increased awareness of the importance of the role that youth organizations have in the development of critical thinking of young people and their attitudes to health. We would like that the products of the seminar would be widely used by participant after the project because in that way they would also take care of the dissemination and implementation of project objectives, and in this way influence the local, regional, national or international community.


All the Seminar activities will be done through the methods of non-formal education. The activities will be for example brain storming’s, plenary discussions, simulations, role plays, team building, energizers, ice breakers and many others. Non formal education is voluntary, no hierarchical and all its methods are based on the concept of learning by doing.
Health insurance is not provided by the organizers and will not be reimbursed. All participants are required to purchase health insurance individually.

Financial matters:
 Accommodation, food, local transportation during the activity days, materials for activities are totally covered by the grant of the Erasmus+ Program.
 Travelling from your country to the project venue will be reimbursed till a maximum of 180 euro as calculated with the distance tool. Taxi invoices are not accepted.
 Important: keep all the invoices and boarding passes.

Participation fee 40,00 euros

Travel (flights, other means of transport) expenses are compensated (up to 100%), based on the actual expenses incurred and the distance from your location of residence to the location of the project (Slovenia). In the case of Hungary the available sum is €180/participant.
You will be reimbursed with 100% of your travel costs up to 180 euro. Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done upon full attendance in the training program and presentation of the original tickets with boarding passes and receipt/invoices. Remember that you can travel only with the cheapest means of transport (2nd class trains, economy class in the planes).


One of the evenings will be dedicated to the Intercultural Evening. You will present your own cultures – national, regional, personal or any kind of culture you feel you belong. This presentations/activity should not be just a “lecture” so try to find most creative way to show your culture. It means that all options are possible.
A culture may be presented by a song, a story, a poem, a dance, some local special drinks and food !
You can bring pictures, music or anything which you consider to be most appropriate to present your culture. Bring CDs of traditional / typical and party music or other things typical from your country that you want to share with us during the Evening of Cultures and during other evenings.

Deadline to submit your completed application is December 8th, 2017
I’m your application form :)
Only selected participants will be informed until December 9th, 2017