Expose ourselves to Risk and Opportunity in Exchanging values

Keep calm and go to Tuscany!

Title: Expose ourselves to Risk and Opportunity in Exchanging values
Venue: Florence, Italy
APV Date (only for group leader): 6-7th July, 2017
Project Date: 1-8th September, 2017
Participant’s profile: young people between 18-26 years old with a strong motivation to participate.
we’re looking for: 4 participants + 1 group leader

Please, donate 15 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.
Deadline to submit your completed application is May 10th, 2017
I’m your application form!:)
Only selected participants will be informed on May 11th, 2017.

What’s the main goal?

From 2008 the complexity of our society due to economic and migrant crisis are affecting also young people. From individual development and educational growth, from being financially dependent to managing one’s own budget – and a need to acquire autonomy – all that exposes young people to fluctuating economic, social, environmental and above all personal identity conditions. Moreover ICT affect younger’s everyday lives in spending time and disorienting them, and conducting them to a passive life. Today’s increasing focus on the phenomenon of globalization has revived discussion about individual and societal responsibilities, and how do young people perceive their education with a global citizens identity and what they do toward becoming global citizens.

To safeguard tolerance, diversity and mutual respect, the EU Security Agenda involves action to address the root causes of extremist violence and prevent radicalisation, including by promoting inclusion and participation of young people. This year’s terrorist attacks, starting in France, Belgium, Berlin, Istanbul and Copenhagen, have brought new urgency to these complex challenges. In a declaration adopted in Paris in March 2015, EU education ministers and the Commission committed themselves to taking further action to preserve European values.

The aim of the projects is to give important elements to young people for their development of their global citizen identity were constructive engagement with those who are different; opportunities to pursue social activism; engagement in discussion with peers, in studying, and others; and membership in a mentoring community. 61% of young people believed they must do more toward developing their global citizen identity, primarily through emotional development and experience (Cranton, 2006; Kose, 2009).

Youth exchange is designed to empower the next generation by giving them the knowledge and skills to navigate local issues. These project help young people understand their world, develop leadership skills for civic engagement, build lasting friendships across cultures, and cultivate the ability, confidence and motivation to make a difference in their communities. Through a Youth Exchange of 1 week in Florence (1- 7 September 2017) the projects using the Methodology of Global Education aims to raise the awareness and to strengthen citizens’ capacity to take action, advocate for their rights and take part in the political debate at local,
national and international level for social justice and sustainable development. We want to enable young people to participate in shaping a better, shared future for the world. During the YE we will emphasises the unity and interdependence of human society, developing a sense of self and appreciation of cultural diversity, affirmation of social justice and human rights, as well as building peace and actions for a sustainable future in different times and places.


The YE will take place in Residenza Salvemini, that is located in the historic centre of Florence,
Tuscany Region, Italy. The property is located in the Central Independence Square. And the first historic, public House student accommodation which was purchased by then-University of Florence Opera in 1954. Over time has undergone several transformations and adjustments. However, a restructuring was needed to make it even more functional by providing existing spaces especially necessary services that transformed into a modern youth house. All rooms have own bath, air conditioned, wifi free, bed linen, towels. Residenza Salvemini is located 8 minutes from train and bus station, 8 minutes from city center and 5.9 km from Florence airport “Amerigo Vespucci”.

Financial conditions
In case of Hungary the travel reimbursement 275 euro.

The financial conditions are collecting the guide of the Erasmus programme:
Accommodation and meals are covered 100% as part of the activity. Please remember that you will have to pre-finance the ticket from your departure place to the venue and back.

You will be reimbursed as soon as the host organisation have received all your necessary original documents
(more or less one month after the training course) – they have to be all in tourist/normal
class. Reimbursement of travel costs we will sent you by bank account also the reimbursement will
be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket and receipt/invoice.

Please, donate 15 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.
Deadline to submit your completed application is May 10th, 2017
I’m your application form!:)
Only selected participants will be informed on May 11th, 2017.