Training Course in Armenia!

Title: CommunicART
Venue: Yerevan, Armenia
Date: 16- 24 February, 2019
We’re looking for: 1 participant

Deadline to submit your completed application is the 12th of January, 2019.
I’m your APPLICATION form! :)
Applicants will be informed about the final decision on the 14th of January, 2019.
Please, donate 10 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.

About the project
With this long term project we’d like to tackle the competence of youth workers to build and to facilitate the meaningful communication process with youth with fewer opportunities in order to ensure social inclusion through artistic events. One of our main aims for this project is to foster non-violent communication in educational process addressing current challenges such as intercultural dialogue in the work with people coming from rural areas or preventing radicalization of young people through such forms of art as music and drama as one of the most effective tools that can be used in this context.

The training course for youth workers is planned to be organized in Yerevan, Armenia, in 16-24 February, 2019, will be focusing on exploring plastic and audio tools for communication such as music and drama. We expect our participants to focus on self-expression and communication through art. They will try to convey different emotions by using their bodies ,voice and recycled objects as musical instruments , will become aware of personal body language and self-expression style. It’ll be followed by implementation phase when the participants will try to use the creative tools in their work with local communities back in their countries.

Objectives of the project:
– To introduce participants with and make them experience drama technique as a tool for working with youth on the topics of values, interreligious and intercultural dialogue – To discuss youth work realities in different countries and ways of communication with multicultural groups (especially those with language barriers)
-to create efficient tools to foster non-violent communication among diverse group of youth with fewer opportunities
– To explore different forms of artistic expression such as music and drama that can serve building a non-violent communication process and prevention of radicalization among youth in the multicultural groups.
– To discuss benefits and limits of various communication tools.

Location: All participants will be accommodated in the hostel “Balcony”. The hostel is situated near the metro station Barekamutyun from which it takes just 10 minutes to get to the city center.
Address: 3/1 Hovsep Emin St, Yerevan (nearest metro station is Barekamutyun)
Hostel number: 091 574485

Yerevan is the capital and the largest city of Armenia. Its population is about 1.3mln people. It is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Situated along the Hrazdan River, Yerevan is the administrative, cultural, and industrial center of the country. It has been the capital since 1918, the thirteenth in the history of Armenia, and the seventh located in or around the Ararat valley. The history of Yerevan dates back to the 8th century BC. During the course of centuries, the town had an important role in the economic, social and political life of Armenia.

Financial matters:
Local board and lodging are fully covered.
Travel (flights, trains, buses, other means of transport) expenses are compensated (up to 100%), based on the actual expenses incurred and the distance from your location of residence to the location of the project (Armenia). In case of Hungary the available sum is 360 Euro/participant. You will be reimbursed with 100% of your travel costs up to  360 euro*.


Deadline to submit your completed application is the 12th of January, 2019.
I’m your APPLICATION form! :)
Keep in mind, some of you may expect an interview-call during selection process.
Applicants will be informed about the final decision on the 14th of January, 2019.
Please, donate 10 000 HUF (Hungarian organization) in case of selection.