Donation – Development – Personal Note

The man should develop, and create an environment where he and his beloved ones are safe and able to prosper. Meanwhile!

Out of the family, and friend circle we have other obligations as well, I believe. When we have some we also have to give, give to the society in which we’re living in. Whatever our background is the family, friends, and the society (schools, language, every day activities etc.) influences our life.
Those things constantly form our personality, our identity, and create the mixture that finally makes us who we’re.

The moment differs from situation to situation. I do believe that at some point we have to start.

We have to start to contribute to the society, to do something.
For me it was MeOut, a base which open doors for youngsters to develop, to learn, to travel abroad, and to get trained. Last year we went even farther. MeOut together with many others created a campaign. The main aim was to give tools to the schools, to teachers, and to students which helps them to develop faster, and better.

This week we got a letter from one of the schools, thanking for the printer we donated to them in December. The feeling is priceless.

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