These days four groups – 31 people – prepare for different projects.
Hornsjøen, Sicily, Sardinia, Madeira, Zakopane, Kobuleti,(Norway, Italy, Poland, Portugal,Georgia)

Meanwhile we work on other projects:

Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, The Netherlands

Witnessing the recent developments in the world we sense that what we do is more and more important. We encourage youngsters, students, adults to travel, to learn and be active.

The world is flat so we shall understand the waves and floods that come from one corner to another. Building bridges have never been as important than today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…

We need more cooperation, more first hand experience and more education. The magic that has lifted millions of people out of poverty is EDUCATION. An education which is competitive, which is open to the world and tries to transmit the heartbeat of the future of humanity.

Many links which have been established in our exchanges, training courses, conferences will accompany our former participants life. Moments, chats, travel experiences which made them more aware and flexible. Work shops which thought new techniques and best practices.

We at MeOut are proud of our effortless work that made this happen. We’re proud that our free time is sacrificed for a better.

We keep believing in education as the best tool to make lives better to have a more aware and competitive society (societies).

Are You?

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