2015 – MeOut in Numbers

We’re delighted to announce that 2015 was a far more successful year than we planned it to be. We have prepared an infographic to present our achievements.
17 countries – 168 participants – 34 trainings – 208 flights – 812 days of training – € 105 826 used (indirect/direct funding)

President’s note:

I’m very thankful to those who worked, cooperated, and helped me during this long journey of 365 days. Without my colleagues this couldn’t have happened. The original aim to send at least 20 participants to Eastern Partnership countries was exceeded by 3 totaling 23. We planned to send 100 participants abroad, and the final number is 168.

We have applied for several projects (E+, V4, CoE), and implemented two international: one in Hungary, and the other in Georgia.

We also opened a new chapter by donating to organizations based in Sarajevo (Bosnia – Hercegovina), and also to three schools Szvaljava, Rakosino, Uzhhorod (Ukraine). We strongly believe that education is the tool which could help to those children to make a very important step forward.

All of our agreements were kept. We helped out 5 Hungarian organizations by sending participants to projects they signed agreement for. Thanks to MeOut those countries, and organizations still want to see Hungary as a partner in the future.

We could only achieve this by devoting our free time. This is why I’m more than happy. The core team of MeOut has been working for no salary, and no compensation, and yet all projects have been completed, and managed successfully.

As the president of MeOut I believe that 2016 will be even more successful than 2015. I do it, because I’m confident in you, in our network, in the partnerships we have established.

A very busy year is behind us! I’m not able to express how thankful I’m for the achievements.
Thank You! Thank You! and Thank You again!
We Continue!

Wish You a Happy New Year!

Attila Sándor

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